Restoring the Feel-Good Factor

The last 4 years have been difficult for many against a background of world-wide economic recession. At the same time, Government has not appeared to be listening or caring. Both have affected general morale and confidence.
Government must set the right conditions to show Guernsey is open for business by cutting red tape, ensuring the security of our transport links and providing the stability needed to enable the economy to grow.
It must also focus on wider social issues that make people’s lives better, such as support for carers in the community or young people who need a listening voice. Instead of being reactive, Government must learn to be proactive. A lot of work has been done this term in developing strategies to make this happen. What we now need is action.


What I’ve been doing…….

As promised 4 years ago, I fought against GST when it was considered as part of the Personal Tax and Benefits Review. I also laid a successful amendment that ensured changes made to tax and benefits considered the ability to pay.

I have campaigned against unnecessary red tape and ensured, when I was on the Board of Commerce and Employment, that a red tape audit, looking at hurdles placed in the way of businesses, formed part of its Economic Development Framework. I also campaigned successfully against above inflation rises in TRP for businesses.

I was a member of the Dairy Review Board that put in place a plan for the long term future of the dairy farming industry and that introduced the Financial Services Ombudsman to protect people when investing their earnings and pensions.

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