I would like to thank those people who have taken time to write a few words below. If you would like to add your support, feel free to drop me a line.

“As one of four Non-States Members of the Public Accounts Committee under Heidi’s Chairmanship, I have seen at first hand her relentless dedication to her roles across the States.  In particular, I would highlight her willingness to challenge the status quo in an effort to deliver genuine change in the interests of all islanders as a key reason for returning her to the States.”

Paul Hodgson

Finance professional, Non-States Member of the Public Accounts Committee


“If I had just one wish that could be granted, it would be that Heidi were prepared, if elected, to take on the role as President of the Committee for Health and Social Care and to keep up the good work.”

Roger Allsopp OBE

Retired surgeon, long distance swimmer and Non-States Member of the HSSD Board


“When I needed some help and guidance from a deputy I turned to Heidi Soulsby. I found her to be kind, thoughtful, capable and a good listener. She has given her time willingly and has expressed her availability in the future should I need it. Everything you would want in a deputy.”

Treena Gaudion

Business owner, mother and grandmother


“I have known Heidi for 13 years. With Heidi, it is definitely a case of “What you see is what you get”. Heidi is transparent in her dealings, passionate about what matters to her, and an extremely hard worker. She is also highly principled. In my view, Heidi will bring a commercial approach to the States, balanced with a social conscience.”

 Louise Hall

Advocate and Mum


 “I have known Heidi for 6 years and i consider that she will bring a breath of fresh air to the States… being self employed and with her background too she will have a much better grounding than some of the other offerings and definitely more than that which we have been used to.

 I am certain that when decisions have to be made she wont shy away from them! But, when the decision directly impacts on the Guernsey way of life she will stand firm and make the right decision for the People and moreover our community.

 I am sure she will be a “People’s” Deputy unlike most (not all) that we have had to endure for the past 4 years! They seem to have forgotten that they were voted in by the People for the People!”

Adam Prosser

Owner Lucas Freight, photographer and Dad


“Like me, Heidi is an accountant and business women. She is immersed in Guernsey life at so many levels: An employer and small business owner, with both commercial and finance industry knowledge, and a mother, all of which she undertakes with consideration and care. Heidi is worthy of your vote because she has the right combination of abilities to bring direction, organisation and efficiency to the States.”

Lois Falla

Co-owner Orchard PR and Mum


“I fully endorse Heidi Soulsby standing for the States of Guernsey – Heidi is highly intelligent, has many years’ experience as a senior executive in the finance industry and also co-runs a business built on ethical, fair-trade principles. She is also female – and I believe we need to strengthen the female voice within the political leadership of our island.”

Michelle Johansen

Executive Coach and Mum


I was delighted when I heard Heidi Soulsby was standing for Deputy. Without doubt Guernsey desperately needs an injection of new blood into the States and it is often the people you know would make a first-class deputy who would never dream of taking up the mantle. So thank goodness this time round we have some different islanders who are prepared to stand up and represent us. Heidi is clearly a committed and passionate person with high values and integrity. The business she co-owns with husband, Phil, has been instrumental in bringing Fairtrade products to Guernsey and into our public awareness and I know how dedicated they both are to the ethos behind the international Fairtrade strategy. I believe Heidi would represent her district responsibly, with intelligence and would be exactly what a deputy should be; a representative and ambassador for the people.”

 Kate Heywood

Owner Best of Guernsey and Mum

Although I have only known Heidi for a couple of years, I was immediately impressed with her intellect, abilities and determination to make a difference. Very fair minded and always willing to listen, she speaks her mind eloquently and always has well thought out opinions based on her ability to see both the detail and the big picture surrounding major issues. She is both pragmatic and objective, and supportive of a caring and cohesive society where both young and old, rich and poor have valuable roles to play.”

Chris Matthews



“I agree with the other contributions on this page. I have known Heidi for over 15 years and it is clear that Heidi has exceptional talent and would bring vigour and new ideas to the States of Guernsey. In her professional life she is:

– a person of complete integrity, 

– willing to stand up for her beliefs, 

– commercially aware, and

– capable of making hard decisions in a wise and considered manner. 

She is not someone to ‘go with the flow’ but will listen to and represent the people of Guernsey, and those in the South East District in particular, to the best of her abilities.”

 Roger Burton

Senior Compliance Officer & Dad


“Heidi Soulsby represents exactly the type of “new blood” we need in the States. Her background covers a broader spectrum of business experience, family life and community interest than most other candidates and as such her contribution to the future of our island will be reliable, well considered and informed.


Heidi is someone who will speak her mind, be honest, straightforward and transparent in her views – something that will be a refreshing change to some of the current house members.”

Trish Grover

Marketing expert and choral singer


“Having known Heidi for around 6 years I have a reasonable idea of what makes Heidi the person she is and fully support the views expressed already.

She clearly has significant skills and with a strong determination to get the job done, would, I am sure, make an excellent contribution to our government.

I am certain “the fresh approach” is not just words and am confident that Heidi’s focused approach would help to bring about necessary change.”

 Steve Mauger

Fair Trader and Guernseyman

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