What I’ve Done

I thought this page might be helpful to let you know some of the things I have been doing since I was elected, aside from the monthly States’ meetings.

I set out my current and previous responsibilities in the States below, together with an idea of the frequency of meetings;

Committee for Health & Social Care – President

I was elected President in May 2016 and put forward 4 Deputies as fellow members at that time. The States approved my selection of Deputies Emilie Yerby (now McSwiggan), Rhian Tooley, Rob Prow and Joe Mooney. In January 2018 Deputy Mooney left to focus on Economic Development and we were pleased to welcome Deputy Dawn Tindall on to the Committee.

I am very grateful to all the members of the Committee for the hard work that they have put in throughout the term. We have worked in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect which has resulted in the Committee making a real difference and achieving considerable progress.

An independent governance review commissioned by the Policy & Resources Committee in early 2019 provided confirmation as to the good governance demonstrated by the Committee and the positive working relationships that have enabled great progress to be made.

I am the longest serving political head of Health & Social Care since 2013. My responsibilities include;

  • Board meetings (fortnightly)
  • Update meetings (weekly)
  • Oversight meetings (monthly)
  • Transformation Governance Board (monthly)
  • Contract Monitoring Group (quarterly)
  • Joint meetings with other Principal Committees (ad hoc)
  • Brexit Transition Group (monthly)
  • Future Partnership Delivery Group (monthly)
  • Portfolio & Performance Meeting (quarterly)
  • Children and Young People’s Plan Supervisory Group (quarterly)
  • COVID-19 Recovery Advisory Group (fortnightly)

The Committee has had a key role to play in the Bailiwick’s response to the pandemic. We were responsible for lockdown and how we moved out of it, with the development of an exit framework that set out the various stages of lockdown, what these meant and what the triggers were to go through them. Movement into each stage required legal Directions, as well as guidance for businesses and the community.

This work consumed HSC from February 2020 and whilst things have settled down since we moved to Phase 5, the consequences of the pandemic have not gone away. From an HSC perspective this includes managing the waiting times that built over during lockdown and making sure that we provide the necessary care to any people who suffered during this period.

Whilst clearly this work has been headline news over the last year, the Committee has managed to undertake key pieces of work since it took office. Some examples are given below;

• Hospital modernisation programme approved with building to start 2021.

• Opt out organ donation scheme passed.

• Free Under 21 contraception introduced, reducing teenage pregnancies dramatically.

• Free cervical smear testing.

• Free HPV vaccinations.

• Autism hub at Le Vieux Jardin built.

• Beauville key worker housing built.

• New Capacity Law and lasting powers of attorney passed.

• NICE Drugs and Treatments policy letter approved and Orkambi and Symkevi approved for cystic fibrosis.

• Regulation of health and care policy letter approved and work commenced to develop.

• Cannabis rescheduled to enable it to be prescribed for medicinal purposes.

• Licensed commercial cannabis growing regime established and licences granted.

• Health Improvement Commission established.

• Joint Strategic Needs Assessments supporting design of future health and care services introduced.

• Autism and dementia frameworks and carers’ strategy launched.

• Four year radiology replacement programme actioned and due to complete at end of 2020.

• Maternity services turned around after 2014 NMC review to receiving nationally recognised Blue SCAPE award.

• PEH parking overhauled and active travel options provided.

Civil Contingencies Authority – Member

The Civil Contingencies Authority is a statutory body and the holder of the office of President of the Committee for Health & Social Care is a named member. The Authority considers risk to the community, whether an emergency should be called, calls an emergency and has powers to make emergency regulations. It is necessary to be sworn in by the Bailiff before being able to participate as a member of the Authority.

Guernsey Branch Executive Committee of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association – Vice Chair

  • Committee meetings (ad hoc)


Previous Posts

Health and Social Services Department – Deputy Minister

I was elected to the Board of HSSD at the end of October 2014. The previous Board resigned in the September and, as a consequence, a new Board was appointed following the election of Deputy Paul Luxon as Minister. The current Board comprises Deputies Paul Luxon, Michelle Le Clerc, Sandra James MBE and Mike Hadley. The following people have also been elected as non-voting Board members; Mr Roger Allsopp and Dr Alex Christou. My responsibilities include;

  • Board meetings (weekly)
  • Site Development Board
  • Electronic Healthcare Records Project Board
  • Secondary Healthcare Project Board
  • Contract Monitoring Political Assurance Group (Compass)
  • Prescribing Support Unit

Public Accounts Committee – Chair

  •  Full Committee meetings (monthly)
  • Fraud Review Panel (fortnightly-monthly)
  • Audit Review Panel (monthly)
  • HSSD Financial Management Review Panel (fortnightly-monthly) COMPLETED
  • FTP Review meetings (periodic)

Constitutional Investigation Committee – Member

  • Full Committee meetings (monthly)

Guernsey Branch Executive Committee of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association – Member

  • Committee meetings (ad hoc)

Until I was elected on to the Board of HSSD I was also involved in the following Committees.

Commerce and Employment Board – Member

  • Board meetings (weekly/fortnightly)
  • Dairy Management Board (monthly)
  • Dairy Review Panel (monthly) COMPLETED
  • ICT Strategic Sub-Group (monthly)
  • Skills Guernsey Political Board (monthly-quarterly)
  • Incubator Start-Up Panel (monthly)

Scrutiny Committee – Member

  •  Full Committee meetings (monthly)

In addition to my Departmental/Committee responsibilities, I also attend various events  in my capacity as a Deputy. Below is a list of some of the events attended from 2012-2016. Since then, both time pressures and numbers of events have multiplied, with my role meaning that I have often been the one involved in them. These include briefings to States Members, launches of key policy initiatives, sessions with the community to develop policy, attending stakeholder meetings and other external events.

14/6/2012 Public Sector Staffing Needs – Seminar

19/6/2012 Visit to Cable and Wireless –  tour of premises and presentation

2/7/2012 Work of Brussels Office – presentation

6/7/2012 C&E Briefing on Foundations – presentation

27/7/2012 Guernsey’s Coastal Defences – Flood Risk Assessment Studies 2012 – presentation

5/9/2012 Citizen’s Advice Bureau – open evening

11/9/2012 Open Planning Meeting – Environment

19/9/2012 Guernsey Finance –  Industry Update

20/9/2012 History and Statistics of Members’ Pay – presentation Deputy Ogier

25/9/2012 Baroness Fookes – lunchtime talk

10/10/2012 FTP Information and Update Event – Various presentations

11/10/2012 Specsavers – tour of premises

11/10/2012 Role of Business Organisations in Guernsey – IOD, GCC, GIBA, CGI joint presentation

16&17/10/2012 New Members Visit to Westminster – various presentations, meetings and tours

20/10/2012 Knotweed clearing for St Martin’s Douzaine

25/10/2012 Tobacco Legislation Update – HSSD presentation

30/10/2012 Women’s Development Forum  – Panel Member on subject of Women in Politics

6/11/2012 Tobacco Legislation – HSSD Briefing for Deputies and Key Stakeholders

7/11/2012 Mental Health & Wellbeing Centre – presentation of plans for new building

9/11/2012 C&E Briefing – Maritime Labour Convention

10/11/2012 States Strategic Plan Workshop – all day workshop

13/11/2012 C&E Briefing – Image Rights Legislation

13/11/2012 Open Planning Meeting – Environment

15/11/2012 2013 Budget Report – presentation T&R

17/11/2012 Island Reception to mark opening of Les Beaucamps High School

18/11/2012 C&E Briefing – Sunday Trading Ordinance – presentation

20/11/2012 Independent Annual Fiscal Policy Report – presentation

23/11/2012 Guernsey Financial Services Commission –  Industry Presentations

26/11/2012 Environmental Policy Group – Drop-In Session

27/11/2012 Social Policy Group  – Drop-In Session

30/11/2012 Strategic Planning Workshop 2

10/12/2012 Mare de Carteret High School – tour

10/12/2012 Development of a Population Management Regime – presentation

27/12/2012 States of Guernsey v Media Football Match – player!

6/12/2012 States Review Committee – meeting to discuss my submissions

7/1/2013 2020 Vision – HSSD presentation

9/1/2013 Financial Transformation Programme – Policy Council presentation

9/1/2013 113th Independent Medical Officer of Health Report – presentation

17/1/2013 Guernsey Disability Alliance – Tanni Grey Thompson – breakfast seminar

17/1/2013 States Strategic Plan Workshop 3

23/1/2013 Channel Islands Brussels Office – 6 monthly update presentation

28/1/2013 Personal Tax and Benefits Review – States Economist presentation

7/1/2013 Guernsey Youth Partnership – Education presentation re launch

17/1/2013 Specsavers Youth Games Media Launch – flag bearer for SE District schools

24/1/2013 Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy – HSSD presentation

4/2/2013 Sixth Form Centre Deputies’ Forum – panel member at a Q&A session with students

21/2/2013 Safeguarder Services – Home Department presentation

28/2/2013 AFR case – Home Department presentation

6/3/2013 Waste Strategy Update – PSD presentation

13/3/2013 UK FATCA – Policy Council presentation

18/3/2013 Education Vision – presentation

3/4/2013 Personal Tax and Benefits Review – presentation

4/4/2013 Visit to Guernsey Training Agency

5/4/2013 Guernsey Farmers’ Association – Annual Dinner, guest speaker

10/4/2013 Autism Guernsey – official launch

15/4/2013 Strategic Asset Management Plan – presentation

18/4/2013 Sarnia Housing Association AGM

25/4/2013 Access and Accessibility Exercise – practical exercise run by Aindre Reece-Sheerin

29/4/2013 Personal Tax and Benefits Review – presentation

18/5/2013 Island Youth Games – flag bearer for South East District

17/6/2013 CGI Technology Challenge – got very wet as guinea pig for inventions!

20/6/2013 Ethical Business the Waitrose Way – presentation

2/7/2013 Child Protection Information Session – presentation

22/7/2013 GFSC Annual Report – briefing to Deputies

22/7/2013 Poverty in Guernsey – What’s the Problem – public debate

31/8-5/9/2013 59th CPA Annual Conference Johannesburg – delegate

9/9/2013 Capital Prioritisation Report – T&R presentation

13/9/2013 Bank of England Presentation to Guernsey Business – C&E event

16/9/2013 Transforming Primary Education – presentation on school closures

23/9/2013 Guernsey Housing Association – presentation and tour of Bouet area

24/9/2013 Sex Offender Legislation – Home Dept presentation

30/9/2013 Tour of Shared Transaction Services Centre and SAP demo

8/10/2013 2014 budget – T&R presentation

14/10/2013 2013 Annual Independent Fiscal Review – Prof Wood presentation

24/10/2013 Launch of the Prince’s Trust – working lunch at Government House

1/11/2013 Herm Island proposed lease extension – T&R presentation

7/11/2013 Women in Professions Question Time – panel member

6/12/2013 GFSC Industry presentations

6/1/2014 Waste Strategy – PSD presentation

7/1/2014 Briefing on Public Sector Pension Schemes

13/3/2014 C&E Business visit

14/3/2014 Population Management workshop

25/3/2014 C&E Business visit

27/3/2014 Visit to Grand Courtil Extra Care Home

2/4/2014 Overseas Aid Commission presentation

4/4/2014 Opening of the Baubigny schools pathway extension

8/4/2014 Visit with Lieutenant Governor to Guernsey Sea Farms

10/4/2014 Guernsey and the EU presentation to Deputies

23/4/2014 C&E Business visit

24/4/2014 Legal Aid presentation to Deputies

15/5/2014 Ladies’ College invitation to Deputies to review plans for development

22/5/2014 Guernsey Tech Meet Up – presentation on Digital Jersey Hub

4/6/2014 GFSC Annual Report – Briefing to Deputies

9/6/2014 JT Group Business Update – presentation to Deputies

17/9/2014 Impacting of Introducing GST – presentation by Prof Dominic Swords

23/9/2014 Deloitte – participation in off-site training day regarding role of auditor

7/10/2014 2015 budget – T&R presentation

7/10/2014 Maternity Services – statement by former HSSD Board

8/10/2014 Tourism Industry Seminar

13/10/2014 C&E Business visit

13/10/2014 La Mare de Carteret – Education Department presentation

23/10/2014 Budget briefing

4/11/2014 Presentation to Ladies’ College Sixth Form on women in politics

24/11/2014 Service Guernsey presentation by Chief Executive

5/12/2014 HSSD Awards for Achievement

16/12/2014 Accompanying HE Lieutenant Governor on visit to Duchess of Kent House and Lighthouse Wards.

16/12/2014 Attending unveiling of mosaic of St Martin’s crest by local artist.

17/12/2014 Population Management Workshop for Deputies

5/1/2015 Meeting Environment Dept with St Martin’s parish officials to get Petit Port steps open

12/1/2015 St Andrew’s School Liaison Committee meeting

14/1/2015 Briefing for Deputies on IDP

15/1/2015 Nature v Nurture conference

21/1/2015 Meeting with Parent Carer Service User Council

22/1/2015 Launch of the Specsavers Youth Games 2015

9/2/2015 St Andrew’s School Liaison Committee meeting

12/2/2015 Public meeting on the PTBR

18/3/2015 ASEO presentation on public sector pension scheme reforms

23/2/2015 Deputies’ Forum with Grammar School Sixth Formers

23/3/2015 ‘Today Tomorrow, Together’ event on future of CofFE

30/4/2015 Open day celebrating St Andrew’s Primary School

4/5/2015 Occupation Resisters Memorial unveiling

9/5/2015 Stewarding duties for Liberation Day – fantastic fun!

11/5/2015 British Irish Council presentation on Drug and Alcohol misuse

18/5/2015 Speaking to Year 6 children at St Martin’s School about island issues.

19/5/2015 GFSC workshop for Deputies

21/5/2015 Meeting with Education Dept re La Mare de Carteret rebuild

10/6/2015 Open garden at Les Nicolles prison

11/6/2015 Presentation on new population regime transition arrangments

13/6/2015 Flag bearer for SE District at 2015 Specsavers Youth Games

30/6/2015 Public presentation of population transition arrangements.

2/7/2015 Presentation of GFSC 2014 accounts

15/7/2015 St Andrew’s School final day celebration

17/7/2015 Visit to Alderney including discussion of issues with Alderney politicians, tour of Mignot Memorial Hospital and care home.

17/9/2015 Speaking to St Martin’s School children on being a Deputy.

21/7/2015 Speaker at open planning meeting for Green Acres

12/8/2015 Walking for Health walk with participants at Saumarez Park.

15/9/2015 Service for HE Lieutenant Governor Peter Walker

5/10/2015 Education Dept workshop for Deputies on secondary education

7/10/2015 Workshop on remuneration of States and non-States members

19/10/2015 Presentation on Independent Fiscal Review

23/10/2015 CofFE presentation on capital programme

30/10/2015 Official opening of the Oberlands Centre

3/11/2015 Joint PSD/C&E presentation on cruise liner visitors

10/11/2015 Speaker at ISP enquiry on local centres

11/11/2015 Aurigny presentation on recapitalisation

12/11/2015 Speaker at WEA course ‘Do you want to be a Deputy?’

16/11/2015 Deputies briefing on extension of aircraft registry

28/11/2015 Speaker at ‘Power of the Voice’ event to encourage more women to stand for election

15/12/2015 Preview of Digital Greenhouse

15/1/2016 Waste Drop-In presentation

18/1/2016 Briefing on development on gov.gg

20/1/2016 SLAWS presentation

27/1/2016 Presentation by Education Department on Secondary Education

30/1/2016 Attendee at Women2Win Event

8/2/2016 PSD presentation on States v 3M Court Case

13/2/2016 Youth Forum

12-13/2/2016 Delegate at the Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians Conference

12/5/2016 Carer, nurse and midwife of the year awards

19/5/2016 Collas Crill Commercial Property lunch

22/5/2016 Foster Care Fortnight Walk

27/5/2016 Island Global Research Seminar

1/6/2016 EU, Brexit and International Tax presentation

22/6/2016 IOD Meet the Deputies Event

5/7/2016 Condor Ferries Comprehensive Service Review presentation

5/7/2016 Citizen’s Advice Bureau open evening

13/7/2016 Official Opening of the Orchard Centre

19/7/2016 CICRA invitation to meet executive team

19/7/2016 Channel Islands Financial Services Ombudsman Annual Report meeting

19/7/2016 HUB expansion opening

25/7/2016 Overseas Aid and Development Commission Launch Event

10/10/2016 States Members Briefing – International Affairs

I also appear on various Radio, TV and Press interviews in relation to numerous subjects, including the BBC Radio Guernsey Sunday Phone-In.

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