Liberation Day Celebrations 2015

What an amazing weekend!

I volunteered to help out in town as one of the ‘Liberation Groundforce’ in St Peter Port, assisting people to get to where they needed to and selling brochures. I’ve never seen so many people together on Guernsey as that day. I was only booked for a 2 hour slot, but I got swept up in the sheer atmosphere of the day and ended up staying for more than double that. I definitely needed to put my feet up after that.

The next day saw Parish celebrations. I contributed to the St Martin’s celebrations by producing ration books and ID cards, together with vouchers, for the various events on the day, including the amazing tea party where some of my fellow Deputies did the cooking. It was good to see the men put their aprons on for a change! The Samba Band were excellent and I really enjoyed the display of vintage cars up Rue Maze.

So, a great few days and thanks must go to all those who organised the various activities big and small. Without the brilliant volunteers we really would not have had such a weekend to remember.

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