COVID press briefing 28th August 2020 -Phase 5c

This briefing was called to advise the community about what Phase 5c would like. In effect, it meant that we would retain Group A, B and C countries. Group A countries are those with a prevalence rate of over 30 in 100,000. Group B I where prevalence less than that and Group C countries where we have an air bridge, which is currently the Isle of Man. People travelling from a Group A country would continue to need to self-isolate for 14 days on return. Those from Group C would not need to self-isolate.

The changes would impact those moving from a Group B country. A test would be taken on arrival and someone would need to self-isolate until the result was known and was negative. Anyone positive would need to self-isolate for 14 days. A further test would be taken after 7 days.

No date was set for the move to Phase 5c. Work is required to both the airport and harbour terminal to enable testing to take place and it could not come into effect until new equipment has arrived and the process has been live tested.

Slides from the briefing can be found here

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