Constitutional Investigation Committee

I was delighted to be appointed to the Constitutional Investigation Committee at the January 2014 States meeting.

The CIC is mandated to;

1. Review Guernsey’s relationships with the government of the United Kingdom. As part of its review it will consider;

a.      The method of granting Royal Sanction of primary legislation,
b.      The method of extension of Acts of UK Parliament to the Island,
c.       The extension of the United Kingdom’s ratification of treaties,
d.      The Island’s own treaty making ability;

2.      Make recommendations in respect of other relationships with the government of the United Kingdom as identified by the Committee;

3.      Liaise directly with the States of Alderney, the Chief Pleas of Sark, the States of Jersey and the Government of the Isle of Man;

4.      Bring forward to the States of Deliberation the results of the investigation as to whether or not greater autonomy in legislative affairs and international representation should be sought and if so what proposals they would recommend for the States of Deliberation to consider;

5.      Review the constitutional, administrative and resource implications of proposed changes in legislative process or international representation;

6.      Take into consideration how any proposals might impact the current machinery of government or any proposals from the States Review Committee;

7.      Review any other relationship that is identified by the Panel and make recommendations to the States.

Furthermore, following an amendment agreed by the States in January 2014, the CIC is directed to look into  whether it would be appropriate to consider, in particular, the case of legislation which extends television licensing arrangements to the Island and report back with its recommendations to the States,  including setting out the feasibility, advantages and disadvantages of repealing such legislation.

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