PAC Review into HSSD’s Financial Management

The Public Accounts Committee published its report into the financial management at HSSD in January 2014. Media release below. Report can be found Review of HSSD Financial Management


The Public Accounts Committee is releasing its review of HSSD Financial Management. The purpose of the Review was to consider HSSD management of its financial affairs in 2012 and specifically, the circumstances which led to the Minister’s statement in the November 2012 States Assembly with regard to HSSD’s envisaged £2.5million revenue overspend.

The review examined the management of the allocated revenue budget, the quality of the financial management information produced and the level of financial oversight provided by the Treasury & Resources Department.

It should be noted that a full review of the HSSD financial function has not been undertaken.

The Committee has provided an independent, evidence-based account of circumstances leading to the Minister’s statement, taking a considered view of the issues that had been identified.

The Review Panel comprised Deputy Heidi Soulsby (Chair), Deputy Peter Sherbourne and Mrs Gill Morris.

Deputy Soulsby said:

“The Committee has made a number of recommendations that focus on providing an environment where there is a more rigorous financial management function to improve the quality of HSSD’s decision making process. The recommendations made by the PAC and a number of complementary reports examining the HSSD Financial function need to be implemented promptly to enable more effective management of HSSD resources.

However, in the current economic climate this won’t be enough. Irrespective of the financial management in place, the States of Guernsey needs to determine what services it should be providing and how these will be provided in the most sustainable manner for the future. Until such time, there can be no assurance that we are getting value for money from our health and social services provision”.

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